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Psychic Development

Natty Beatts is an international Psychic Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Business Coach.
Her main purpose is helping people make an impact in the world through awakening their natural gifts and building soul aligned businesses. She is also very passionate about leading change in the spiritual and business industries, by cutting through the the sea of bullshit, and helping people live and succeed on their own terms.

But how did it all begin?

Over the last 12 years, Natty's has worked in the music, fitness and coaching industries. From being a rapper and running events that help young musicians get noticed, to coaching people for wellness and weight loss, to competing in and coaching calisthenics, her projects have all been geared towards helping others.Although she had amazing experiences in each, none of them ever felt fully aligned and she felt as though she was constantly searching for something that was just out of reach.

That was until Natty went through a very intense trauma-induced spiritual awakening in February 2020. 

Her natural psychic and healing abilities opened up at a crazy speed, but thanks to some amazing mentors, who have a combined experience of over 60years, and her 8yr background in coaching, she was able to find her purpose and help over 200 people through their own awakening in the 2 years that followed.

She realised that the reason for such an insane transformation was so that she could use her experience to help others find their own way.

Her coaching style is geared towards empowering her clients to trust their own inner guidance, and helping them build the confidence to follow their intuition above all else. She teaches clients how to build a business that feeds their soul rather than drains their energy.

Natty's unique background in NLP, health and fitness, spirituality and business, mean that she is able to work with people holistically, looking after their wellbeing as part of their business, rather than something separate.

If you have been looking for a business coach or spiritual mentor that you can chat to like a friend, who has powerful first-hand experience of everything she teaches (rather than learning it from a book) and don't mind a fair bit of foul language, welcome!

Ignoring the feeling that you are made for more, will hold you back from any real fulfilment in life.

  • The services I provide:

  • Psychic Development and Healing via 1-2-1 packages

  • Spiritual Business Coaching 1-2-1

  • Self-paced courses for psychic development and business

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  • What Clients Are Saying About Me

    “I was looking for 1-2-1 business coaching where I could get help overcoming my fear of going into online teaching and Natty has truly been such a big help in this. Not only is she a coach who genuinely cares about me but she is very attentive! She is someone who helps people like me to help others and her way of catching me in moments of doubts has been remarkable.”

    - T-zer (Dance teacher)

    “Natty Beatts, you seem to have come into my life at the perfect time, right when I needed your guidance. Not only did you help me learn to trust my intuition, you are also an absolute joy and brought so many smiles to my face. All I can say is thankyou, thankyou thankyou!”

    “I really love the way you combine your earthly knowledge about business structure with your psychic ability. It's incredible how big of an impact one session can make. I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart to the process you have started for me"

    -Valerie (Akashic Reader)

    “Some childhood experiences came through that I haven’t thought about in decades and I was told (by my higher self) was the root of some issues. It was like time travel, totally wild as I never had the memory just straight into the experience… cried a lot and at the end of the healing meditation I felt so much clearer of my fears and life’s purpose.”

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