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About Natty

Upgrade From Within:

Access your own psychic intuitive abilities

Are you drawn to spirituality but struggle to access your own spiritual or psychic gifts?

Are you searching for something but don’t know what you are searching for?

Are you already learning about spirituality but lacking any real, first hand experiences? 

If you are looking for a spiritual teacher but you are fed up of finding airy fairy ones that talk a load of waffle, make you cringe and you can’t really understand what they are talking about...

Welcome home.

I feel you, all of that crap put me off as well and is the reason I am so passionate about teaching this stuff MY way.

I know you are searching for something, because I felt like that my whole life.

I know you crave clear inner guidance so you can cut through the crap in your head and navigate your life with more purpose.

I know you want to learn about spirituality in a "no-bullshit" way from someone you can trust.

You are ready to access life changing messages and wisdom from your higher self, your guides and your soul, so you can get clarity in your life

And you are looking for powerful, first hand spiritual experiences so that you can really trust that this shit is real.

However you might be scared of judgement or don’t fully trust yourself and your intuition yet.

You might be afraid of “opening things up” in case you start seeing spirits everywhere, or suddenly have to change your whole life to walk some spiritual path.

Or you might feel completely crazy despite having had some strange experiences that you know are real.

It’s hard when you don’t have any support or anyone to talk to about all this.

Especially when it’s all very new and confusing, and when there is such an array of utter crap out there, it’s hard to know where to even start.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there, and my experiences, particularly the not so fun ones, have given me the passion to step up and help others.

My name is Natty Beatts and I am a psychic intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.

If you met me before February 2020 and started talking about spirit guides, I would have been one of those people who thought you were a bit nuts.

I was a coach, a calisthenics athlete, a rapper, a presenter and an entrepreneur who did not consider themselves to be spiritual (despite being a reiki healer for 5yrs).

Mostly because when I looked at the spiritual industry it was full of people that were just not me. 

But after going through a balls-to-the-wall spiritual awakening, over the space of 6 months I went from non-believer, to channeling spirits, healing physical illnesses and injuries that should be medically impossible, delving into people’s past lives and accessing psychic shit that would blow your socks off. 

It wasn’t an easy ride and my awakening was insanely fast compared to most but it was all for the reason of preparing me to help others safely access and use their own psychic and healing gifts.

So here we are!

Ignoring the feeling that you are made for more, will hold you back from any real fulfilment in life.

You could stay stuck, feeling disconnected from yourself, your loved ones and any sort of purpose 
You will keep finding hard making important decisions and carry on going round and round in your head rather than moving forward.
Most of all… you will keep having this horrible sense of urgency like you are forgetting something important and you don’t know what it is.
However...this all can change.

How would your life be if you had purpose, drive, motivation, and inner peace

What if you could be super clear on who you are, where you want to be and the best possible life path to get you there?

What if you could really learn how to give less fucks in life because you KNOW you’re exactly where you are supposed to be?


Upgrade From Within:
Access your own psychic intuitive abilities.

After 8 years in the field of coaching, empowering hundreds of people to live better lives, and over this past year working with over 100 1-2-1 healing clients, helping them clear trauma and emotional baggage so that they can have clear access to their spiritual gifts, I have created a brand new online course called Upgrade From Within - Access your own psychic intuitive abilities.

How it works:

You will get access to:

  • 5 Coaching modules so you don’t lose your shit.

You will also have access to:

  • 2 healings and 3 meditations to clear the crap and strengthen your channel

Here is a breakdown of what is included:


These Modules give you comprehensive guidance on how to navigate spiritual awakening, and how to safely access and use your psychic connection, without feeling crazy and alone.

1- Awakening

This module covers my insane awakening story, what the hell a spiritual awakening is and why is it happening now.
Why all the past trauma comes up and feels so shite, and why higher dimensional beings are helping us.
This section very much helps you to take comfort in that you are not alone in your experiences and you're not crazy.

2- Balance

This module is all about keeping your mental health in good shape whilst going through all the craziness, I teach you some awesome techniques for anxiety and overwhelm and help you keep a balance with the spiritual work and your normal life (because some of this stuff can feel a little nuts)

3- Protection and Boundaries

In this module you learn probably the most important thing on this whole course- how to protect your energies from predatory cords and attachments, psychic attack, energy vampires and a whole load more... This is a subject that does not get talked about enough at all because it's not all light and fluffy, but this is a no-bullshit course that gives you practical tools to keep you safe, so we go deep on this.

4- Spiritual Grounding

Everyone loves telling people to be more grounded, but I can guarantee you half the people that talk about this, don't actually know what it does energetically and why is so insanely important. In this module I break it down into the what, why and how. If you want a strong psychic connection, you need a solid base.

5- Psychic Abilities

This last module is all about 3 main ways of receiving messages psychically; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. I explain what each one is and how to recognize and access them, also more importantly, how to TRUST that it is your psychic channel and not your imagination. This is the section that teaches you the practical steps of tapping into energies and pulling through guidance.


These meditations and recorded healings are the practical exercises that clear your channel and strengthen your connection.

They are designed to use over and over again as needed and never lose their potency.

The healing and clearing one will help you clear a new layer each time which opens up your psychic channel, and the guided meditations are exercises to help you strengthen and build trust in that channel.

I recommend using the 10min grounding one daily to help you build a strong energetic base.

Grounding & Protection
Healing & Clearing (all levels)
Healing & Clearing (third eye, pineal gland and crown chakra)
Meet Your Higher Self
Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides

This course will help you:

  • Navigate spiritual awakening without feeling crazy

  • Access your psychic intuitive channel for clear guidance

  • Learn about spirituality in a no bullshit way and with someone you can trust.

  • Heal through layers of trauma and emotional baggage from current and past lives

  • Get clear access to your higher self and animal spirit guides

  • Have powerful psychic experiences and spiritual breakthroughs

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “My higher self originally came down as a bright blue glowing light and after asking for a stronger visualisation, a woman with wavy hair. She told me I am loved, I am beautiful and not to be so hard on myself. When I asked her to show me something, i was walking in a meadow with each of my children holding hands. Thankyou so much”

    “Natty Beatts, you seem to have come into my life at the perfect time, right when I needed your guidance. Not only did you help me learn to trust my intuition, you are also an absolute joy and brought so many smiles to my face. All I can say is thankyou, thankyou thankyou!”

    “Wow this was a potent one, I felt all the tingles and unblocking in my root, sacral chakras and pineal gland. I also had a big emotional release i wasn’t expecting. Feeling lighter and more in tune again following this meditation”

    “Some childhood experiences came through that I haven’t thought about in decades and I was told (by my higher self) was the root of some issues. It was like time travel, totally wild as I never had the memory just straight into the experience… cried a lot and at the end of the healing meditation I felt so much clearer of my fears and life’s purpose.”

    By joining now

    you will also get

    access to exclusive bonuses

      Step-by-step Guide To Channeling Healing Energy (Worth $200)

      Exclusive Coaching Focused on Energy Healing. 

      Shamanic Journey To Meet Ancestral Guides (Worth $99)

      Guided Mediation to assist you in tapping into your past.

      Exclusive Access Facebook Support Group (Worth $500)

      Get support from an amazing community of down-to-earth individuals and Natty herself!

    By joining today you can get this incredible support for only

    One Single Payment $2000 $444

    5 x Coaching Modules
    5 x Meditations
    Step-by-step Guide To Channeling Healing Energy (Worth $200)
    Shamanic Journey To Meet Ancestral Guides (Worth $99)
    Exclusive Access Facebook Support Group (Worth $500

    6 Monthly Instalments $333 $88

    5 x Coaching Modules
    5 x Meditations
    Step-by-step Guide To Channeling Healing Energy (Worth $200)
    Shamanic Journey To Meet Ancestral Guides (Worth $99)
    Exclusive Access Facebook Support Group (Worth $500

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